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PLBSMH Secures Large Jury Verdict for Part-Time Waitress

A popular Korean-owned sushi restaurant was found liable by a San Bernardino jury for allowing the harassment of our client, its only Hispanic waitress, by one of its Korean sushi chefs. After months of complaining of harassment and racial discrimination against, our client was unlawfully terminated in retaliation.

While our client was a part-time waitress who only made minimum wage, the jury awarded her $275,000, including an award of punitive damages. PLBSMH attorneys Todd Harrison and Brennan Kahn acquired this tough fought win despite having to principally rely on witness testimony due to the absence of documents supporting our client's claims.

"This case just goes to show that no matter the size of your employer or the amount of money on your paycheck, justice can be had. This verdict is a victory for all the undervalued minimum wage workers out there," said Todd Harrison. Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, Mendoza and Harrison is committed to the rights of all workers.

ProPublica Report Shines Light on Broken Workers' Compensation System

"An investigation by ProPublica and NPR detailed how states across the nation have been dismantling their workers’ compensation systems, with disastrous consequences for many of the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer serious injuries at work each year."

Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, Mendoza and Harrison not only advocates for injured workers in court, but works to overturn dagnerous workers' compensation "reforms" made by overreaching employers and insurance carriers. See how unfair some of these new laws are by reading the ProPublica workers' comp article. Our firm has been successful in gaining workers additional rights and continues our fight to overturn other unjust workers' compensation laws.

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